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About Us

We are a mobile Art studio that hosts classes, after school activities, workshops and special events, like Scout badges, team building, family night out, birthday parties and celebrations of any kind, for all ages and skill levels.

Creativity, art, fun and opportunity to grow is what our studio is all about! Our programs engage students to develop their creative potential through many different art forms such as modeling, painting, art appreciation, ceramics and sculpting while having fun and feeling safe.

Our focus is on helping students to learn and grow in a positive, safe and nurturing environment. We believe that art should be fun, and we want all of our students to feel confident about their own creative abilities.

Our story

Cora and Steve, CBArt Studios owners, standing together in front of a colorful painted wall

“I’m going to turn the garage into an art studio for kids”. And so, it began. After long, successful careers in the scientific fields of Chemistry-Biomaterials (Cora) and Geology (Steve), it was time for a change. Cora had been an artist from an early age, studying in Caracas, continuing in Paris and eventually Superior, Colorado. It was time to share her love and passion for art and the world art masters with the next generation of budding artists. To give them the opportunity to discover the artist that they all have inside; to provide a safe and supportive space to allow each Artsy Kid to follow their artistic journey and become the creative soul they are meant to be. The garage became our Art Garage filled with tables, chairs and miles and miles of artwork and art supplies! Soon 2, then 4, then 6 Artsy Kids filled the chairs and created their very own, unique masterpieces, each one inspired by the works of a world art master. We watched as they became more confident in their abilities and the creative processes. We watched how their parents’ eyes lit up when their Artsy Child was showing off their artwork with a new-found sense of pride and satisfaction. From there we began offering classes in our local Community Centers as well as private classes in homes and schools. We even offered classes for adults, our Toast’n Tinker Series, and seniors, our Tea’n Tinker Series… and the best is to come!

Who we are

Cora Bracho-Troconis, Ph. D.

Founder and Instructor

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, where I started, more than 35 years ago, my artistic adventure on sculpting and painting. Adventure that I continued in Paris, France, during 18 years before moving to Superior, Colorado, in 2002. I am a very curious self-taught clay sculptor and mixed media artist. Additionally, I am a Chemist with a PhD in Material Sciences who has lived, worked and traveled in different countries around the world, taking experiences and learning from different cultures… In a nutshell, my life is a natural balance between CULTURES, ARTS and SCIENCES. I have experience working with kids, teenagers and adults in different workshops at my former Art Studio in Denver. Lately, I have been teaching Art to kids, teenagers and adults at my garage-studio, the Superior Community Center, Louisville Recreation and Senior Center, private lessons, PODS, and the Bilingual Montessori School after school program in the Boulder area.

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Cora Bracho-Troconis Portrait Photo
Steve Leeds Portrait Photo

Steve Leeds

Marketing and Sales Mastermind

While never considering myself an artist, I now realize that I have been surrounded by art throughout my career. A geologist by trade, I have always been fascinated by repeating patterns and structure in nature; it’s the basis for understanding our geological history. Processes that formed the earth millions of years ago created patterns that are still being repeated today. We study the present to understand the past. From the microscopic crystallography level to the macroscopic, continental-tectonic level, we find similar patterns. They are beautiful, colorful, and thought-provoking. We are surrounded by the energy of wind and water; when you mix in sand grains or water droplets, beautiful patterns emerge and transform to beautiful, ephemeral art masterpieces.

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Why CBArt?

Creativity, imagination, free-thinking. These are all things that inspire intellectual progression in our society and play an important role in the development of future generations. Today's children have many unique and valuable perspectives with which they can serve to better their world. Let us develop those ideas and empower them with the gifts they possess; they are the leaders of tomorrow.

At CBArt Studios, we believe that children can and should be empowered by the right tools and resources to create beautiful art regardless of age or skill level. We believe that every child has a unique perspective which deserves to be heard, and we encourage them to express themselves through whatever medium they choose, paint on canvas, clay molded into shapes, or even words written onto paper—whatever comes naturally! Our goal is to provide kids with a safe space where they can express themselves freely while learning how their art can benefit others in ways they never imagined possible.