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Workshops and Camps


Earth Month Workshop - Denver Art WorkshopsMay Workshop - Denver Art Workshops


Celebrating Earth Month: Magic Trash / Recycled Art Sculpture


In this workshop, families will unleash their imagination to create their own and unique art sculpture using only recycled material and found objects. "A man's trash is a kid's piece of art." Up to five (5) family members.   

Louisville Rec and Senior Center, Sunday April 14th in the afternoon

Earth Month Workshop: Magic Trash - Create your own "Recycled Art Sculpture"

4 to 13 yo

In this workshop, children will uncover the enchantment of transforming recycled materials into captivating art sculptures. Encouraging creativity, waste reduction, and the crafting of unique pieces, it's an eco-friendly artistic adventure!

Superior Community Center, Sunday April 28th in the afternoon


5 de Mayo Art & Crafts: A Family Cultural Celebration.


Drawing inspiration from vibrant Mexican Folk Art, families can join in the creation of their own art and crafts to celebrate "5 de Mayo." Explore the richness of Mexican culture while crafting items such as sombreros, paper tacos, and colorful "ojo de Dios." These are just a few of the crafts that attendants can enjoy, letting their creativity shine as they make their unique creations.

Superior Community Center, Sunday May 5th in the afternoon

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Spring Break Camp

March 25th to 29th, 2024

Art & Science: A Fusion of Creativity!

5 - 12yrs

Get ready for the thrilling 2024 Spring Break Camp, where Science meets Art! Our leader artist, Cora, is not only a brilliant Chemist with a PhD in Material Science but also a passionate mixed media artist. This camp will be a one-of-a-kind fusion of art and science, promising an enriching experience that captivates young minds. Don't miss out on this exhilarating journey!

Unique Theme each week!

Day 1: Chemistry: The Science Behind Colors

-       Science Activity 1: Explore color theory and its connection to chemistry. Craft colorful rainbow paper using household items like vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring.

-       Science Activity 2: Create natural dyes from fruits and vegetables.

-       Art Activity: Produce an abstract painting using the colors made.

-       Artists Inspiration: Wassily Kandinsky - Delve into Kandinsky's use of color theory and abstraction, learning about synesthesia and experimenting with music-inspired art.


Day 2: Exploring The Science of Light and Shadow

-       Science Activity: Investigate light properties (refraction and reflection) through prisms.

-       Art Activity 1: Experiment with object shadows and trace their outlines to create unique compositions.

-       Art Activity 2: Design colorful kaleidoscopes.

-       Artists Inspiration: Leonardo da Vinci - Explore da Vinci's studies on light and shadow.


Day 3: Sculpting with Science

-       Science Activity: Introduction to materials science and Sculpture. Create homemade clay and playdough to understand polymers and chemical reactions.

-       Art Activity 1: Sculpt 3D objects, exploring texture, shape, and form.

-       Art Activity 2: Craft kinetic sculptures using wire, beads, and other materials, applying the balance theory.

-       Artist Inspiration: Alexander Calder - Discuss Calder's mobile sculptures and the use of beam balance.


Day 4: Nature's Science & Environmental Art

-       Science Activity: Nature walk, observe and collect natural elements for closer examination. Introduce plant biology and photosynthesis.

-       Art/Science Activity: Create sun prints using photosensitive paper and natural objects like leaves and flowers.

-       Art Activity 1: Craft leaf rubbings using crayons and paper.

-       Art Activity 2: Create temporary sculptures using collected natural materials.

-       Artist Inspiration: Andy Goldsworthy – Explore Goldsworthy's sculptures and discuss the beauty of nature in art.


Day 5: The Science of Fluid Dynamics in Painting

-       Science Activity: Introduction to fluid dynamics and viscosity. Create different paint densities by diluting with water.

-       Art Activity 1: Craft fluid art using different paint densities and gravity.

-       Art Activity 2: Paint with unconventional tools to explore fluid dynamics.

-  Artist Inspiration: Morris Louis – Explore Louis's abstract paintings and his unconventional methods.   

Hosted at the Superior Community Center, from 9:00am to noon

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CBArt Studios Spring Break Camp Graphic

Summer Break Camps

CBArt Studios Summer Break Camp Image

June, July, and August 2024

Where Imagination Takes Flight!

5 - 12yrs

Unique Theme each week!

Embark on a journey of creativity and joy! We're thrilled to announce the return of our Art Summer Camps for kids, promising an enchanting experience with 5 distinctive camps, each featuring an exciting theme every other week. From mystical realms to nature-inspired wonders, there's an artistic adventure awaiting every young talent. Don't miss out – let the creative journey commence!


1.    June 10th-14th - Art Around the World Week:

Explore art from diverse cultures, experiment with various techniques, and contribute to the creation of multicultural artwork. Projects include Japanese origami, African tribal masks, Mexican papel picado banners, and more.


2.    June 24th-28th - Magical Creatures Art Week:

Dive into the creation of drawings and paintings showcasing mythical creatures, crafting fantasy landscapes, and sculpting magical beings. Projects include fairy houses, dragon masks, unicorn-inspired canvases, and more.


3.    July 8th-12th - Recycled Art Eco-Week:

Embrace the use of recycled materials in artistic expressions, deepen understanding of environmental conservation, and engage in eco-friendly projects. Projects include sculptures from recycled materials, art with recycled paper, and eco-inspired collages.


4.    July 22nd-26th - Mixed Media Madness Week:

Introduce children to various art materials and techniques, covering painting, drawing, collage, and more. Projects include mixed media self-portraits, 3D collages, and collaborative art installations with a variety of materials.


5.    August 5th-9th - Art and Nature Connection Week:

Merge art with nature as children explore outdoor spaces and create projects inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Activities include nature-inspired mandalas, pressing leaves and flowers, painting rocks, and crafting birdhouse masterpieces.

Hosted at the Superior Community Center, from 9:00am to noon

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